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Who We Are

Society has in general built up a negative aura around those seeking psychological help. Hence many people with mental health troubles do not readily seek psychological help to cope with stress and fears caused in daily life. Understanding this perception of people towards psychology, Dr Rixon Jose decide to open Mibo Health and Happiness care centre, aimed to bring an imperative change that is essential to wipe out such misconceptions from the society. Dr Rixon is armed with professional experience of over 8 years and has proved his talents in various psychological departments.

Through personalized treatment procedures and other comprehensive services, Mibo health and happiness care has built a strong reputation in the field of psychology within a short period of time. The high qualified team employed here are well trained and holds years of experience. Our team not only work hard to provide quality service, we also look forward to lend a hand to help you, through listening and understanding your perspective, providing professional therapies and thereby making you aware about yourself.

Our commitments have created glorious histories of highly satisfied clients, who are again our strengths. We look forward to empower our clients to have a successful life through the development of mind power and human resource.

Our Vision & Mission​


To be an excellent specialty center of  high quality services to the people to have a life of optimum health and happiness through effective therapeutic approaches and other integrated services. 

To provide result oriented services of qualified and experienced practitioners to improve the wellbeing of mind and body. We offer professional services to improve interpersonal skills and quality of life. Empowering people to have a successful life through the development of mind power and human resource. Provide individual and family approaches to cope effectively with changing environment in the life span. Insight people to overcome stress and conflicts to take better decisions towards a peaceful living.

Our Value System

Friendly approach along with professional care of people.

Integrating different therapeutic approaches, multiple theories, styles, or ideas to gain complementary insights about the issue of a person.

We respect your privacy of information, individual data, and details of services.

Striving hard to ensure maximum benefit to the person who receives services from us.

Caring people with the accuracy of understanding and quality of services.

People Say

Highly effective professionals. Humble minded approach. I Feel good.
Kiran K R
Software Engineer, Bangalore

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