Our Departments

At Mibo care mental health clinic in kochi, we provide several departments which helps you to achieve  proper and peaceful mental health.We have a set of efficient team in various departments. Friendly approach along with professional care of people are assured by all our staff members. Background and experiences of  doctors are predominant  in mental, health and happiness care sectors. Our team of experts includes both lady  and male professionals. We are equipped with specialists who can cater to the mental health treatment for all genders and all age groups.



We listen with great empathy and care aspiring to provide a welcoming and comfortable space for you. Our treatment procedures are personalized, understanding your individual needs.Our team comprising of the best psychologists in Kochi aids to bring the best solutions and thereby delivering quality treatment.


Psychiatry is a medical discipline involving the healing of the mind assisted by medication. The Department of Psychiatry, composed of the best psychiatrists in kochi is a well-established division of MiBo care. We assure to offer a lending hand to those with emotional distress and mental health issues.


Counselling is not just giving advice, it is not just a talk. It is a process where the counselor creates a platform for the client to form a new perspective. Counselling enables the client to focus on feelings, experience and behavior to create a positive change. It is a psychological strategy requiring education, experience, talent and personal expertise.

Child Development

A child is going through various stages and specific milestones of development. This journey of childhood towards its maturity in growth and development can be challenged in some individuals because of delays, impairments and deficits. we at MiBo Care strive to get the best out of your child.

Emergency Cases


For cases that require immediate attention from our expert team of psychiatrist, psychologists and counselling specialists contact us at