Child Development

Childhood plays an important role in the lives of an individual. It’s the time in which he/she undergoes a lot of developmental milestones. The foundation of an adult is developed during this time. Heredity and environmental factors play an important role in it. This period of development is very crucial because, unidentified and unattended issues can create a lot of problems in the child’s development. The course of development in every child is different. It is highly depended on the heredity and environmental factors. There is always a chance for a child to show some kind of impairment in its developmental stage. The timely intervention and professional support to such issues can really help such children to overcome such impediments.

The department of child development in MiBo is well equipped with all the facilities to identify and treat such developmental issues in children. The highly qualified, experienced and licensed staffs at MiBo are available to support and guide all children in need of help. Our child development department experts are specialized in pediatrics, child psychology, rehabilitation science, clinical education, remedial education, occupational therapy, play therapy and behavior conditioning

Child Coaching Topics

  • Special Education
  • Remedial Education
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Behavior Conditioning
  • Psychotherapy
  • Value Education
  • Child Right Interventions
  • Learning Disability Counselling
  • Attention Development Interventions
  • Hyperactivity management
  • Child Guidance
  • Individualized Education Program

Emergency Cases

For cases that require immediate attention from our expert team of psychiatrist, psychologists and counselling specialists contact us at

Department Head

Dr. Irine Andrews, child psychologist in kochi
Students Counsellor and Joint Director, Mibocare
Irine Andrews

People Say

Wonderful set up with good attitude, well managed and also with good knowledge team to manage various issues.
Kiran K R
Software Engineer