Do exams compromise parent-child relationship?

a child learningWhen it comes to relations, parent-child is one of a purely bonded one to figure out. It may say the parent can be the child’s credence when lost in his path or may be a tutor when he needs a direct or say, a shoulder to lean and pour his thoughts and worries.

As per several psychologists in Kochi a lot of parent-child relationships can be seen nowadays cracked from a child’s early childhood. Many factors comprise this dilemma and to frankly say ‘Exam Stress’ incorporates a major role in this. So what actually is this ‘Exam Dilemma’? How do you think it justifies a child’s perspective?

Exam times bring fear, anxiety and stress for children. It’s that time a child starts to feel the heat of the exam and it can be direct. They would be irritable and will possess trouble in sleeping and having food. They would be anxious whether they could perform well, meet parent’s expectations, fulfill their goals and so. They may even think the worst, as like whether they will fail or will end up to a new school. This is where parents can play a key role to help out their children to cope such exam stress.

Obviously parents would too be anxious, to say like how much their child is working, whether they could achieve the results they need and so on. What every parent should think here is that keeping aside your anxiety, what is more essential now is, to be with your child, supporting and encouraging him. Teach them to have study breaks and help them to remain positive. Also make them understand good sleep patterns and food habits. Again, after the exams listen to his/ her concerns. Avoid criticizing them and don’t push them hard to meet unrealistic expectations.
Seeing exams as a necessary part of learning is normal but parents must also understand that exam time is stressful. Think about your own youth. Do you find it happy when left alone to deal with stress and anxiety?

Family is all about caring and supporting. If you can’t help out your child providing them with emotional resilience to cope the challenging stress of exams, who else could! Love, Care and connect with him/her because a child’s development relies from you and the experiences he acquires from his childhood!

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