Dr. Danny Vincent, Psychiatrist in Kochi

Dr. Danny Vincent M.B.B.S., M.D. is a Senior Specialist in Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicines. He is a well known medical practitioner with the experience of 20 years. 

 His major treating areas are mood disorders, cognitive disorders, addiction disorders, sexual disorders and all other psychological disorders. His loving and professional approach in treatment keeps him both effective and popular. 
appointment and primary interview are needed prior to consult with Dr. Danny Vincent.

Quick Profile

Name:  Dr.Danny Vincent

Address: Mibocare, Kochi

Phone: 91-9447511479

Email: contact@mibocare.com

Specialty:  Psychiatrist 

Degree: MD Medicine 

Categories:  Psychiatry 

It was a pleasant experience for me to know about a professional team who keep world standards in both psychological and psychiatric care. I appreciate your attempts. Keep it up!
Shiju Joseph