Irine Andrews is Remedial Education Specialist, Students Counsellor and Joint Director at MiBo. She has her B.Ed in Special Education and Master Degree in Psychiatric Social Work-MSW. She is highly effective in managing learning disabilities, attention deficits, hyperactivity, slow learning, autism and intellectual deficits among children. She is a licenced special educator from Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI- Govt. of India).

She has effectively conducted seminars, workshops and training for students, teachers and parents at different places in India. She is well known in her initiative of ORMA ( Organization for the Rehabilitation of Mentally Affected) for the rehabilitation of abandoned children and adults, affected by serious psychological disorders

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Name:  Irine Andrews

Address: Mibocare, Kochi

Phone: 91-9447511479

Email: contact@mibocare.com

Specialty:  Child Psychology

Degree:  B.Ed & MSW

Categories:  Child Development

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It's very different than a hospital. Very pleasant environment. Really comfortable for visitors.
Jismi Joseph
PG Student, Kochi