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Thank you for visiting my web. “There are no strangers here. Only friends you haven’t
yet met.” (William Butler Yeats). I hope your entry to my website will be the first step towards
our friendly contact.
I am Rixon Joe, professionally working as a Consultant Psychologist and Life Skill Coach. I
find myself with individual consultations, group coaching, mentoring, teaching and discussions
on wellness. Life is beautiful when our eyes can perceive the beauty which is visible even in
dark shades. I think my role is to make open the eyes of people to enjoy the beauty of life.
I am grateful to my parents who taught me to provide human services in touch of
healing. In my childhood I had been going through shyness, anxiety and stuttering. During my
higher secondary education I missed my beloved mom in an accident. I desired to develop
myself from stress and anxieties. I was searching for the real means to empower myself and
others. I travelled a lot, went through many books, sought wisdom from Gurus, and worked
voluntarily for the people who challenged with different kinds of miseries. My search for human
empowerment brought me to the shore of Psychology and Theology. I have done my
graduation in both Psychology (B.A.) and Theology (B.Th), post-graduation in Psychology (M.A.),
and advanced postgraduate research (M.Phil) in Applied Psychology. I am happy to share about
myself with you.
Dear friend, as the world grows richer and developed in wealth and
technologies, psychological problems are becoming more common. Psychological problem is a
condition that affects a person’s thinking, feeling and action. Such conditions may affect
someone’s ability to relate to others and function each day. Early assessment and support are
crucial to improving the current health status and increasing the promise of recovery. Let’s
have firm steps for health and happiness of ourselves and others. If you are in need of any
professional help either for yourself or for your dear ones kindly feel free to contact me.
Confidentiality and professional strategies are highly assured.

Quick Profile

Name:  Rixon Jose

Address: Mibocare, Kochi

Phone: 91-9447511479

Email: contact@mibocare.com

Specialty:  Consultant Psychologist 

Degree:M.A. (Psy.), M.Phil (Psy), Ph.D

Categories: Psychology & Counselling

Wonderful set up with good attitude, well managed and also with good knowledge team to manage various issues.
Kiran K R
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